Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yeah... This One Fits My Mood.

You Are 24% Sociopath

From time to time, you may be a bit troubled and a bit too charming for your own good.

It's likely that you're not a sociopath... just quite smart and a bit out of the mainstream!

Or how about this one?

You Are 85% Burned Out

You are extremely burned out.

You work too hard, and you're not getting the results you deserve.

It's time for a life change, as soon as you can manage it.

You're giving away most of your energy to something you don't even enjoy.


freshisle said...

Burned out, definitely. That's me.

Teri said...

Oh my. i think you need a holiday. i have a spare bed...come on up :)

Bezzie said...

I would recommend not killing anyone as a way to relieve the burnout and become more of a sociopath ;-)

kemtee said...

Hang in there… we'll both see the light at the end of the tunnel eventually.

Life's a Stitch said...

That was an interesting way to start a Saturday morning ;-)