Sunday, May 18, 2008

Me Me On The Beach

Okay, Andrew and Willow were there, too - but Andrew didn't make it into any of the pictures.

My friend Dave had an open house at his beach house this weekend, so we drove down to Rehoboth Beach early yesterday morning to play in the surf before showing up at the party. Oddly enough, despite the fact that the highway guides you toward 'Shore Points,' it is not the shore you go to when you are in Delaware. You go to either the Delaware beaches or the Jersey shore. I'm not really sure of the distinction, but there it is.

This time of the year is when I like to come to the beach - no crowds, easy to find a parking spot, no inappropriately swimsuit-clad people. Oh, don't get me wrong - I am a big girl and I know exactly what I look like in a swimsuit. I love swimming and being in the water. I love being on the beach. When I was at Dave's place I was looking through one of his beach magazines and it had some pictures of what the beach looks like in the height of summer. People of all sizes wearing itty-bitty swimsuits in order to expose the maximum area of their bodies to the sun. And in this picture most of them looked on the verge of sunburned as well. Ack! I like coming to the beach when I can wear capris/shorts and a t-shirt and run through the waves and sand without tripping over greased-up mostly-naked strangers. Okay, rant over.

This is much nicer:

Willow found a friend to play with, and she and Lily built a dam on one of the tide pools so the water wouldn't go back to the ocean.

A picture of me and Willow:

Willow of the sandy hands:

My and Willow's footprints in the sand:

It was a gorgeous day and I wished we could have stayed longer... but there was a kitty pining for us at home and we didn't have anyone able to come over and feed him. Next time, Jo... plan better!

Okay - three points for anyone who guesses the title (paraphrased as it is)!


turtlegirl76 said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a great time. =)

I know there's a beach in Canada with a similar name, but that's probably not what you were referencing.

Bezzie said...

I never thought the beach could be so relaxing til we hit the Jersey shore last summer. I can't wait to do it again this year.

This is a good time of year weekend most beaches start charging $ to enter.

Batty said...

You're having such a great time! Willow is clearly enjoying herself. How you'll ever get her away from the beach is a whole different matter, though...

Nell said...

Rehoboth makes me think of my friend from college. I'm so glad you had a good time!

freshisle said...

I'm not overly fond of overcrowded beaches with all that skin either. Looks like you had a super day!

Shan said...

I'm with you - I'm not much for blistering heat and the overwhelming smell of paba.

Bezzie: charging money to enter?!?!? Seriously?

mom said... it going to be an On the Beach Meme?
love & hugs

teri said...

I remember when I was there with you and Willow.. was it 3 years ago now?? She's so much bigger! And boy! Is her hair getting long!

tara said...

Jo, did anyone get three points? Whats with the title?