Friday, August 15, 2008

Just To Cool You Off

It doesn't seem to matter what season I come to my parents' house, I never get great weather. There was the autumn vacation of 2003 where there was a huge unexpected heatwave and I had to buy all new clothes, the winter vacation of 2006 where we were iced in and had no power for a couple of days, and the best one yet - the summer vacation of 2007 where it rained heavily for 12 of the 13 days we were here.

I still can't download the pictures from my camera, so I looked through my Mom's pictures on her computer and found some beautiful winter ones - I figured they would be welcome respite in August's heat.

Cowichan Lake:

The view out the front door:

The view out the back door (not from the same storm):

Bitching aside, the weather hadn't been bad this trip. Not fantastic, but certainly not in the monsoon or heatwave persuasion. Willow and I head back to the US tomorrow, and I have to say I am absolutely dreading the return to humidity. I am not a summer girl at all. Give me snow, a fireplace, knitting in my lap and I am as happy as a clam.


Lee said...

Ah, I feel cooler already. It’s been in triple digits most of the summer here in Texas. Those winter photos are beautiful and appreciated.

Nell said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for the cool down!