Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vacation Photo Round Up

Brace yourselves - I wanted to present some more vacation photos, but I am afraid there isn't much rhyme or reason to the order of the pictures.

This one is for Disco, who sent me two onesies for my niece, Dharma. The Sweet Pea one was too small, but that is okay - I will keep it for another baby I know is coming. Thank you!


This was the sky over Nanaimo as we approached the Duke Point Ferry Terminal - that mountain is called 'Jingle Pot Mounatin' - isn't that hilarious? The weather was so breezy and cool that day we had to break out our fleece jackets and wear those - I was in heaven.


My sister Teri wanted to straighten Willow's hair for her - and was shocked that Willow managed to sit somewhat still for it (with only minor gnashing of teeth from Teri). I think we were all shocked at how long it was.


My Dad told her it was much prettier curly and would she please go back to normal the next day. I agree. It's a novelty to have straight hair, but her curls are so adorable.


I'm not sure what is up with this facial expression. She and I were walking through a wooden park near my parents' house and this tree had a little natural seat at its base so I told her to sit so I could take the picture.


I wish I had put something else in this picture just to give the scope of this maple leaf - you will have to trust me when I say it was 12 - 14" across.


This picture was taken at the Duke Point Ferry Terminal on our way home. I love seeing these things in different cities - we have dinosaurs in Wilmington - and we have seen pigs in Seattle and cows in Denver. Apparently Nanaimo has orcas.


This is the swimming area near my parents' house - I didn't do any of the swimming this time because the days we could go swimming just weren't warm enough for me. Willow had no such concerns and was in the water every chance she got.


This is the apple tree off of my parents' back patio - the tree is going crazy this year - I foresee plenty of baking, freezing, and canning in my mom's near future. That is, if the bears don't get them first. Yes, I said bears.


Now, what are those little globular things between the apples? Grapes! My Dad thought he had trimmed back the grapes so much that they wouldn't grow, but apparently that isn't the case - there are grapes all over the apple tree. On the other side of the yard they have even started growing up a cedar tree!


My Mom, Dad, and Etu the dog:


The whole fam-damily. You don't even want to know how many pictures were taken to get one where almost everyone was looking at the camera and smiling. Thank heaven for digital cameras.


The water off of Duke Point. Once again, we don't have colours like that here. The water here is a greyish-blue - not pretty like this at all.


This is a famous creation statue in the Vancouver International Airport. It has great natural lighting above.


I love how there is this burnished area in front where so many people have touched the statue.


And - since I started this vacation series a few posts back with the first picture I took on vacation of the Thunderbird statue, I now give you the last picture I took on vacation - a wooden raven statue in the International Departures area of the Vancouver International Airport.


Willow and I had a wonderful time - I love going back to visit my family. I always wish I could stay longer and that our vacation times weren't limited to the summer or winter when Willow is not in school.

Here is a list of things I want to do the next time I go to Vancouver Island:

1. Take Willow for a fancy tea at Murchies or The Empress or the Oak Bay Tea Room.
2. Walk leisurely through Beacon Hill Park.
3. Tube down the Cowichan River.
4. Take Willow camping.
5. Drive out to Ucluelet and Tofino.
6. Eat fish and chips on the beach.
7. Eat more timbits.
8. Hang out in Chapters or Bolen Books and buy a bunch of books by Canadian authors for Willow.

Shan? Tara? Any more suggestions of things I need to do on the Island?


Disco said...

Dharma is the cutest - glad she liked the shirt :0)

Your vacation looks fabulous. I have a SIL in Vancouver and we are looking forward to visiting her there some time.

Nell said...

What a great trip!!!!

I like Willow's hair curly too!

Shan said...

Okay, here are some things I can recommend:
1) Moss Street Paint-In. Moss St from Fort to Dallas gets closed to vehicle traffic and artists set up canvases along both sidewalks, and actually WORK on them. You can see an incredible range of styles in a few blocks. It's in the summer - usually July. See Moss St Art Gallery website for details.
2) Oak Bay Tea Party, always a good time.
3) Chemainus interactive children's theatre. Willow would LOVE it.
4) I've heard that WildPlay is incredible - the old "bungyzone" in Nanaimo. It's now a tree-to-tree adventure park with ziplines and platforms...think Ewok village with safety harnesses.

And next time you're up, do phone me and we'll get together. I can drive down to you in only a few hours.

Lee said...

Wow! I wanted to respond to so many of these! But I didn’t want my response to be as long as your original post. So here’s the short version. 1) The trunk behind the giant leaf gives some sense of size. 2) Very few places have water as pretty as Duke Point. 3) I love the family pix where everybody is looking a different direction. They feel so natural that way. Still, it’s nice to see all the faces.

tara said...

Nice pictures. All my "to do" things in Victoria have to do with food: Tim Hortons, fish and chips, tea room, White Spot for french fries with gravy, Canadian chocolate bars, the vegetarian Bhuddist restaurant (not sure if thats still there), Boston Pizza...