Saturday, November 07, 2009

Socks in Progress

I'll have to admit I have been slumping through projects ever since I finished my cabled hooded vest. I wore it to work on Friday and had many compliments on it. One of these days I will take some pictures so you can all see what the finished vest looks like.

Since finishing the vest, I started working on Mi Escuelita for Willow in a grape purple superwash merino, and I have these two socks on the needles:


The one on the left is my second attempt at Jaywalkers (rav link) - you may remember the first pair I knit was way too skinny for my cankles and I had to give them to my sister. The pair on the left are a Christmas present for someone (I'm not telling you who - other than it is no one in my family).


tara said...

I have worn the socks you made me so often I have worn a hole in the heel. Now I need to learn how to darn. Darn. I also need to learn hpw to knit my own.

Discoknits said...

Jaywalkers! Gah! Good luck, they were not my favourite pattern to knit either. I love your use of the term cankles. It reminds me of one of my fave films, Shallow Hal, which was just on the telly a couple of nights ago :0)

Batty said...

Jaywalkers... they don't have much stretch to them. I like my pair, but they were a pain in the neck to knit.
I really like the black and blue yarn. Nice and stripy.

Anonymous said...

What a shame they aren't going to family.