Sunday, November 01, 2009

Wonder Woman and Company

Willow decided that she wanted to be Wonder Woman this year for Halloween, and her grandmother whipped up a costume for her. Yes, we could have bought a Wonder Woman costume from Target, but I didn't think my 7 year old needed to be prancing around in a bustier just quite yet.

Here she is with her friend Bat Woman (aka Mackenzie). I took plenty of pictures in her classroom, but at some point I gave up on having a photo where everyone is in focus. Seven and eight-year olds just can't stay still for that long!


Wonder Woman taking her mission seriously:


My favourite costume of the parade - Willow tells me that this is her friend, Bella. Her Christmas tree costume is adorable.


Willow on Halloween night:


She has gone back to her old form of closing her eyes for flash photography. I just don't get it. In any case, we had about an hour of trick-or-treating before the deluge began. You can see in that last picture that we were pretty soaked by the time we got home. I was really surprised at how many kids were going through our neighbourhood - we had more kids come to our door before we left for trick-or-treating than we had in the last two years combined!


Mom said...

Our WonderChild - not WonderWoman!!!
Love & Hugs

tara said...

Great costume!
I love how kids take their costumes very seriously.

Kelly said...

Hi Jo,
Kate does that too-- closes her eyes when the camera flashes. Drives me nuts!
Love the Wonderwoman costume!


Discoknits said...

The wonder-spats really complete the costume. Love it :0)

do deewane ek shaher mein said...


a) willow looks nice.
b) K closes hi eyes as well...defeat my attempts to take a good foto ..

c) At K's school PTA meeting- I saw a 5 year old dressed up in a bandana top and daisy dukes...Gave me a "wow! I am more conservative than I thought!" moment. Another was in a "princess jasmine (see throughish)" costume....what are we doing to our children? then we wonder why girls (and boys) are growing up fast and with eating disorders!!

Bezzie said...

Way to go Grandma! I like the boot-spats--perfect!!

Zonda said...

That is a great costume! She looks so cute in it! :)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

That is one fabulous WonderWoman costume!! She looks too cute!!

And love the Christmas tree constume too!