Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getaway: Day Three

We woke up Sunday morning to a perceptively cooler day - the weather was hardpressed to make it into the 60s, nowhere near the mid-80s of the day before. We got dressed, packed up the hotel room, then went out for breakfast at the Robin Hood diner. After breakfast we went out and did my final favourite boardwalk walk for weekend.


I know I didn't capture these colours properly - but right in front of me were two of my favourite colours - a teal blue (of the water) and lime/grass green (of the grass). Willow insisted on getting in on the action as well:


We walked around until we found an open coffee shop so I could have my requisite vanilla latte. I'm weird about coffee - I like it doctored a very particular way with fat free vanilla creamer and if I can't have it like that (basically anywhere other than home or the office), I will forgo coffee and have a vanilla latte instead. But the Robin Hood Diner, while providing a great breakfast, did not offer lattes.


On route to the Coffee Mill, we passed a high end toy shop (I forgot to make note of the name, but it is right next door to the Coffee Mill!) that had all these knitted toys in the mini-bay windows:




Aren't they adorable? Andrew was trying to convince me to knit these as well, but I have absolutely no interest. I detest colourwork, and the toys look like they have a lot of it. Somebody else can do it - I will just admire it.

We had a wonderful time at Rehoboth Beach - and it was just icing on the cake that this was Mother's Day and I was between some heavy deadlines at work, so the rest, sun, alcohol(!), and family time were deeply appreciated and needed.


Bezzie said...

Ooo! I like the mermaids!

Krystal said...

Vacations are always a blast!! I definitely love those - but I'd have to agree about it being a lot of work!! At least it looks harder then I'd want to try.