Monday, May 03, 2010

Willow Chagall

Last week I attended Willow's first art show - and if she had her way, it would be the first of many. Willow's art teacher sent me a note saying that one of Willow's paintings had been chosen for a district-wide art show, and that Willow's painting was based on the works of Marc Chagall. I was more familar with his stained glass windows, but it turns out that it was based more on this line of work.

Here is the young artist with her masterpiece:


And a close up of her work:


And this one (from some kids at Lancashire Elementary) just because it amused me -


It's a Bunch of Screams!


Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Rock on!!! I love the cat! Someday we gotta get her and Chunky together--I think they'd get along well.

kemtee said...


Hey, I love kids' art and their perspectives. It often makes more sense than anything a grown-up can dream up!

tara said...

The cat is amazing. Great picture.

Zonda said...

Neat picture! I love how they interpret things from their perspective too. :)

Terilee said...

Who's the star here? Willow or Lucky??!! Nice picture Willow :)