Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Finished Object: Brick Band Hat for a Girl

I signed up for two different swaps on Ravelry - one in the Due in January 2011 group, and the other in the Due in February 2011 group - since I am riding the cusp of both. I now know that one of my swap partners is having a little girl, so this hat will be for her.

Baby Brick Band Hat 2a

Unlike the first Baby Brick Band hat, I think this one is going to benefit from some washing and blocking. But what do you use to block a baby hat? A balloon? A small ball? How big is a baby's head supposed to be, anyway?

Baby Brick Band Hat 2b

Lucky kept trying to get into the picture as I was trying to snap the hat - there are a few pictures with a tail floating in the corner of the picture. So, I decided to try the hat on Lucky. He was less than amenable to the idea.

Lucky in Baby Brick Band Hat 2

I will kill you in your sleep.

The Particulars:

Pattern: #22 Brick Band Hat from Knit Simple Holiday 2007
Yarn: Jojoland Rhythm in colourway RS74 (light mauve). The pattern called for Universal Yarns' Deluxe Chunky
Needles: Size 5 Hiya Hiya 16" bamboo circular and bamboo dpns (pattern called for size 8)
Modifications: Similarly to my first Baby Brick Band hat, I used a thinner yarn but also went down an additional needle size - 3 sizes down this time. I also knit one less repeat of the brick band pattern to make the hat a bit shorter. I didn't want a tassel on this one, either, but I did do about a half inch if i-cord just to make the top stand up a little bit.

Lucky guarding hats

I wear them, they are mine now.


kingshearte said...

A balloon is what I'm planning to use to block a hat for my dad. Seems to me like it should work for a baby hat too. It does have the advantage of being able to be whatever size you need (once you figure that out). Failing that, a bowl of what seems like the right size, upside-down on top of something to make it however tall you need it? I've done that too.

tara said...

Pretty color. Wish I could knit.

mom said...

a softball???? a water fight balloon?
love & hugs

Mz.Elle said...

Hahahaha,your poor cat...I like your style!
Very pretty hat,the design and colour. Do you have a doll lying around? You could use it's head for blocking.
I'm currently knitting the never ending baby blanket,ugh. I cannot WAIT to be done,almost there woot!

Zonda said...

It's cute! I've seen people use a balloon for baby hats, I've yet to try it though.