Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ultrasound Pics!

I had another round with the ultrasound people today - one of the joys of being of 'advanced maternal age.' No matter - I won't take offense - the tech looked at her chart 2 times because she didn't believe I was 37 years old.

I have pictures - and good news!

First, a nice profile shot of Sprog:


The tech was teaching a student how to use the ultrasound machine, so we got to see what all sorts of buttons did when you pushed them - but I was taken by surprise when they hit one button and the view changed to this:


You can see the side of Sprog's face and Sprog's arm! I've never had a 4D ultrasound before and I was fascinated! It looked more realistic on the screen because it is in all sepia tones.

And now for the good news - I no longer have placenta previa! The placenta has to be at least 2cm off the cervix for placenta previa to be resolved - and the placenta was 3cm off for me. And also, the last time we were there Sprog had some choroid plexus cysts, which in certain situations can be a soft marker for Trisomy 18 - but the cysts were completely gone as well. All in all, it was a great appointment - and, because I am of 'advanced maternal age,' I get to go back in 4 weeks for more picture-taking!


tara said...

Good to hear.
M. had cysts too and they went away also.
Didnt know about the previa.

Kythryne said...

So cool! We had 3/4D done at our last ultrasound too, and the tech got one shot of the baby's face that's just amazing. We were even able to go "that's my nose and your chin!" when we looked at the photo later.

I have to go back in a month too to check on my possible partial previa. I'm looking forward to seeing how much the baby's grown since the last one at 19 weeks.

Are you getting pummeled yet?

Bezzie said...


Yeah Mooch had backwashing ureters which meant a small percentage for Downs.

You're married to a scientist--you know half this crap is just manipulating the numbers to cover their asses!

Julsey said...

sprog is so cute in 3D!!

kemtee said...

Good news is all ya need for a great day.

Keep up the good gestating!

Batty said...

Great news! That second pic is so... weird! Can't really tell what's what, but it's pretty cool.

Batty said...

Great news! That second pic is so... weird! Can't really tell what's what, but it's pretty cool.