Saturday, February 04, 2012

Friends with Talent

I am a lucky girl - and even luckier still to have friends who have talents I do not possess. A few years ago, I bought some soft, squishy, beautiful fiber and a spindle with the thought I would try my hand at handspinning. Just look at it:

Merino Roving and Spindle from MDSW

I had also bought some less fancy fiber to practice with, and as it turns out, my talents do not lay with handspinning. So, this beautiful fiber languished in a ziploc bag in a Rubbermaid bin in my basement. That is, until my friend Alicia received a spinning wheel for Christmas.

Alicia is in my due date group and like me, has two beautiful girls, one of which is a few days younger than Piper. She offered to spin up any fiber we may have so she could practice using her spinning wheel - and I jumped at that opportunity! I sent her up all the fiber I had - and this was definitely this nicest fiber of the lot.

Look what she sent me:


There is about 102 yards of bulky-weight yarn, plenty for a hat for me! Here is a close up:


I can't even describe how squishy this yarn is - it is going to make a fabulous hat.

Thank you, Alicia!

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Zonda said...

Oh that is so yummy and I bet so soft too,