Monday, February 20, 2012

There You Go, Dad!

Piper eating beets

Snotty nose and all - but Piper was loving her beets. I gave her ravioli, leftover barbeque pork, and chopped up beets and grapes - and she devoured the beets before anything else. Andrew joked that I should give her borscht next - I wish I could - I wish there was a restaurant around here that served it.

(Now Dad, I know you think you have seen enough pictures of the kids eating, but sometimes that is the only time we are in one place and still enough to take a picture.)


Kaye said...

Ha ha! So true! I like the way you took the cover off the chair too--to prevent a stain? LOL!
The boys can't stand's a staple at the Russian daycare I send them too!

Mel R said...

I grew up on borscht! I love it. I make it once in awhile. T and B don't like beets or the purple broth much otherwise I'd make it more often.