Saturday, February 04, 2012

Happy Birthday, Piper!

Piper's birthday was actually a few days ago, but didn't have her party until tonight. It will be interesting going forward - Andrew's birthday is the day before Piper's. This year I wanted Piper to have her own birthday party, but I can see us doing joing parties in the future. At least until the point where she starts having parties with friends.

My friend, Stephanie, made Piper's cupcakes and smash cake, and they were delicious!

The cupcakes for the big people

Piper's smash cake

Piper took some coaxing to get into the cake. Poor thing - she has a terrible head cold and cough right now and is utterly miserable.

She's such a funny little girl - at first she didn't want to get her hands in the cake - would only dig into it with a fork or spoon. She warmed up to it, though - and was soon using utensils and her hands:

I bet you wish you had a whole cake all to yourself!

I have icing on my face? Where?

And Willow - just for comparison :)

Birthday cake after


Mel R said...

Aw, such a cutie! Happy Birthday, Piper!

Discoknits said...

Happy Birthday Piper :0)

Kaye said...

Love the comparison photo! Too cute! I think they all take a bit of coaxing to get into the cake. At least my boys did!
Love your vintage correlle too! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Piper! What a sweetie!