Sunday, March 04, 2012

Philadelphia Flower Show 2012

We went to the Philadelphia Flower Show this morning, and I was very excited because last year we had to sit the Flower Show out because Piper was only a few weeks old at the time. This year's theme was Hawaii, so for the last few days we kept joking that we were heading to Hawaii for a day trip.

This is what you saw when you entered the convention center:


It's a little freaky, but it doesn't make sense because you aren't getting the audio that goes with it - rushing waves and surf. There were thousands of white orchids everywhere.


I have to say I won't really be gushing about this year's theme. It just wasn't what I was expecting. Really, as dry and gloomy as this winter has been, I was really looking forward to something bright and multi-coloured and tropical. The lighting in the convention center wasn't just dim - it was dark. Half my photos were taken on the 'night time' setting on my camera. Add to that the fact that this was the most absolutely crowded I have ever seen the Flower Show - there were so many exhibits we just couldn't get anywhere near because there were so many people.

Anywho. I did get some great shots of orchids - and that was really the most outstanding thing about this theme - so here are some of my shots:






Going along with the Hawaiian theme, there were some neat floral arrangements dedicated to the volcano goddess, Pele:



If you would like to see more of the pictures, you can go to my Flickr photo set to see the others.

I had two other gripes - first, I didn't see a single vendor selling heirloom vegetable seeds or just other interesting vegetable seeds than I would find in my local stores. Every time I have gone to the Flower Show previously I have come home with seeds for things like golden beets and black cherry tomatoes - so I was diappointed to not see a single vendor. Secondly, I know I am walking with a stroller. I, however, am walking very carefully so as to not crash or bang into other people, and have a wealth of patience for when a break opens up in the crowd so I can get through. For those twits who see an empty spot in the crowd and lunge for it, and end up tripping over Piper in her stroller, you deserve every injury you get. It happened at least 5 times. Look where the hell you are walking! One guy even accused me of following him when he tripped the second time!

Maybe next year I will take a day off work and go on the Monday or Tuesday, after the big crowds have gone through.

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