Friday, March 30, 2012

Piper the Conquerer of Stairs

Look at me, I'm climbing the stairs!


Yes, she was up there all on her own steam.


Put the camera away, Mama! I want you to chase me!

We were at the hotel where Willow’s State Geography Bee was held, and since little children weren’t welcome, Piper and I had to meander around the hotel for 2 hours. The hotel had wifi, but watching Sesame Street via Netflix on my Nookcolor only held her attention for about 10 minutes. She spent more time than that trying to figure out how to get the fire extinguisher out of its glass case! The hotel had this dais set up in the ballroom - for weddings, I suppose - but Piper got the biggest kick out of climbing (and walking by the end!) up the stairs, then sliding back down on her bum or belly and jumping into my arms from the last step. Except she didn’t always clue me into the fact that she was going to jump, so there was the odd splat! It didn’t seem to deter her any, however.

(Geography Bee news tomorrow - our contestant has already gone to bed.)


tara said...

What a cute little smile

Kaye said...

I remember going to a wedding with Chunky when he was about that age and who needs toys when you have STAIRS!