Monday, March 04, 2013

More Clothing Nostalgia

I am not sure how many more times I can pull this clothing nostalgia act. When Willow was Piper's age, I had my 35mm camera, not a digital camera, so I was a bit more stingy with my picture-taking. Add to that the fact that Willow and Piper are opposite season babies, so getting the same clothing that fits them at the same age is becoming much more few and far-between... but I managed one more today!

 Here is a pic of Willow in the Easter dress that my Mom made her when she was about 20 months old:

  Easter Dress 1.jpg

 And here is Piper at 25 months in the same dress. On Piper it was more of a tunic shirt- she wore it over jeggings to school today (and quickly shucked them off when she got home):


 I don't know, Mom - that Canada dress might be the last outfit standing - and that is only if it still fits Piper when the weather finally gets warmer!

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