Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh, The Drama

The terrible twos have arrived. En force.

 Willow and I went shopping for a new outfit for her spring pictures last night. This kid has grown so much that all her dresses (except for the snazzy yellow one she wore to the dance) was either too tight or too short. We found a pretty dress at Kohl's last night - isn't Willow lovely in it?


 Willow coming downstairs in her dress drew a very unexpected reaction from Piper:


 Oh my Lord. She went ballistic! She was spitting with anger that Willow was wearing a 'fancy dress' (Piper's words) and she was not. It was a tantrum of epic proportions, so I had to take pictures. We have really been trying to get Piper to express herself with words rather than flipping out. I held her for a bit, and explained that she had to tell me why she was so upset, because I don't understand tantrums.

 A few more fat tears and some shuddering breaths, she came out with "Piper wear fancy dress..."


 Luckily, I had a fancy dress for her, too.


 This child is so mercurial - I foresee a bumpy ride for many years. Entertaining, but bumpy.

 Two pretty girls on the sofa - and neither one freaking out!


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Mel said...

How happy she looks in that first shot with the dress on makes me smile.