Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In Which Jo Looks All Serious and Wrinkled

I have weird colored eyes.

 Not quite brown - maybe more on the hazel end, but then again, I frequently get told that my eyes are the exact same color as my hair. That's a little freaky, because my hair is auburn.


I am always trying to get a good picture of what my eyes look like - and I haven't caught a good one yet. I think it is really cool when you see a close up of someone's eyes and you see all the variations of color - to me, close ups up the eye can look like an alien landscape.  I know I have a light grey ring around an olive-y green and hazel and splashes of a maroon-red color throughout.  I suppose I will have to forgo the selfie and have someone else take a close up!


Mom said...

4 days in a row....I'm so proud of you - and you come by the grey ring naturally I have it also - but mine don't shade from the olive green to brown!
Love & hugs

Mel said...

Your eyes are very similar to Tom's eyes. They seem brown at first until you really look and then they seem sort of hazel with reddish brown. Brenna's eyes are darker than his but similar. I agree eyes are weird close-up.

Mel said...

I instagrammed my eyeball because of you. LOL