Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's A Start

A start

Andrew and I spent collectively about 6 hours today working in our yard - he mowing the expanse - and in the backyard, actually mowing it twice, whereas I attacked the weed-infested flower beds in the front. I don't even know if weed-infested is a strong enough word - after about 2 hours of pulling weeds, my arms were starting to shake. We learned a few years ago that tomatoes grow really well in front of our house; it shouldn't have been a surprise - it is a south-facing wall with full sun, with the additional benefit of the warmth of the brick behind it. I planted 4 tomato plants today - two on either side of the front door, and all varieties of cherry and grape tomato. If you look carefully in this picture, however - there are 3 plants on this side of the door. We always have a lot of volunteer plants come back each year - and this one plant was looking pretty healthy and was in the exact spot I would have planted something anyway. I have no clue what kind of tomato it will be, but I am really hoping it is the tiny grape tomatoes that were in the same spot last year.

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