Friday, November 25, 2005

In Which Jo Proves She Does Finish Projects and Doesn't Just Buy Yarn Incessantly

But first you have to see our zoo pictures! We went to the Philadelphia Zoo - on probably what has to be the coldest day yet this autumn. I don't think it went above freezing today. Now, the downside to this zoo visit is most of the more popular animals were hiding in their respective barns... however, I don't think there were more than 50 people at the Zoo so we were able to roam everywhere without getting lost in the sea of strollers that flows through the zoo grounds in nice weather. And the trip was completely worth it just for our time with the giant river otters:

They were so curious about Willow and were following her up and down the glass case - almost like they were playing tag (well, they were probably thinking 'food'...) . We also saw these cheetahs, who make the most housecat-like mewling sounds... all the better to trap you with, my dear.

Gratuitous picture of Willow in the car:

Okay, onto the finished objects! Here is Andrew's hat (that the sharp-eyed people may have noticed he is wearing in the river otter picture) that I made out of the Bulky Six-Ply merino from I cannot recomment this yarn enough - it is easily the nicest stuff I have worked with (even better than Manos!) and at $7.50/skein, it doesn't break the bank to make a hat. I was on their website this morning looking for colours for a hat for me now - and maybe some of their laceweight yarn to make the wool and satin scarf from Alterknits. In any case, Andrew loves his hat - and while we have been married for over 8 years now, this is the first thing I have ever made for him.

And some pictures of the baby blanket (finally) completed for Asami and Gara's baby (who I think still hasn't made his appearance... I haven't heard from Asami in a couple of days!) Willow wanted in on this picture - so you know if it can wrap up a three year old squirmer, it can hold a newborn :)

Asami's blanket as a shawl - I'm trying to show off the basketweave pattern on the blanket. I am a firm believer that blankets should be reversible... but I am glad that this project is over and I don't have to count to 5 a billion times anymore!

And on a last note, RIP Ruffie.

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