Saturday, November 05, 2005

Thwarted once again!

After reading in a few people's blogs about the joy of finding a good sweater to frog in a Goodwill or secondhand store, I went on a quest yesterday. Well, I think the title gives you a good idea of how it turned out... I went to the Goodwill store on Kirkwood Highway, and found precious little that was wool or wool/acrylic - mostly they were misbegotten 1980's Bill Cosby style sweaters that I think would defy any attempt at frogging. The only thing I found remotely close was a melon-mango coloured turtleneck tank... however, in cotton. I try not to knit on cotton because I find it just hurts my hands.

I bought a new toy last weekend... and promptly cut my left hand trying to get the toy out of its &$*%^* packaging. Why do they package these things in that hard flat plastic that you can't rip open, cut open, saw through...? Anyway, my new toy is an Embellish Knit ( ) for making i-cords. I taught Willow how to use it too (and then quickly hid it from her so she doesn't try doing this on her own...). She made herself a 10" rope and said it was a jump rope!

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