Monday, July 24, 2006

Project Colorswap Ponderings for August

I know I am getting a little ahead of myself here, but since Project Colorswap moves from mid-month to mid-month, I thought I better come up with a few ideas for my partner for August, Elizabeth at

At first I organized things into color categories, but then moved more into sense categories - here goes:

Favourite Neutral Colour Flavours:
Allsorts Licorice, vanilla, chocolate, sugar cookies. Oh yeah - and roast beef, but that would be a little hard to mail in a package!

Favourite Neutral Colour Smells:
Cinnamon, vanilla, cotton sheets, ginger

Favourite Neutral Colour Colours:
Rich chocolate brown, oatmeal beige, silvery grey, maple syrup colour, ivory

Favourite Neutral Colour Things:
Undyed wool, natural wood, terracotta


I suppose I should stick in a few dislikes as well - I don't particularly care for white. I am infamous for spilling things on myself. I'm beginning to think it is my superhero power. I'm not overly fond of cotton, either. Elizabeth - let me know yours!

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