Monday, July 03, 2006

Project Chopsticks

Andrew and I love Asian food - be it Japanese, Chinese, Thai - we love it all. After living in Japan for a few years, we are very proficient at using chopsticks while we eat. Willow is big enough now that she wants to use chopsticks, too... and even though a part of me cringes at the thought of her using sharpish pointed sticks to eat her food, I know this is the age that Japanese children learn to use chopsticks as well.

A few months ago my friend Satomi mentioned she was going back to Japan for a few weeks to visit her family before her baby is born, and I asked (okay, begged!) her to bring back some 'starter chopsticks' for Willow. I had remember seeing them in Japan - they are connected at the top by something that oddly enough looks like a tongue - but has the effect of making you hold the chopsticks in the correct manner. There are three steps - with the divider and finger placements in, then with the divider tuned around and they have to place their fingers themselves, and lastly, with no divider at all - just short blunt chopsticks. It's a marvelous system - Willow conquered step one in about 2 minutes and ate up her sesame chicken, lo mein, and steamed vegetables in no time flat:

Now, you will have to excuse me - I didn't realize until I had blown up the picture and tried to correct the red eye that her mouth is actually full of broccoli as she is smiling. Maybe I should just be grateful my child is eating broccoli. In any case... Thank you, Satomi!

And on another Satomi note, I have finished Satomi's baby sweater and only need to buy some buttons and sew them on - look for a finished object pic tonight!

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