Monday, July 17, 2006

Purple Goodness from Jae: Project Colorswap

My purple swap for Project Colorswap arrived over the weekend from Jae of and look at all this purple goodness:

Jae (and everyone else I have swapped with so far), thank you so much for sending something for Willow your package. Willow gets such a big kick out of someone sending her presents - and trust me, she does help when I pick out the presents for all of you. Up top you see the feather boa for Willow - and she had an absolute blast with it - the boa became everything from a skipping rope to dog leash to princess crown. There are some stickers and candy for Willow as well... I think maybe Jae intended the candy for me but Willow seems to think that all candy is for little girls, not for Mommies. There is a scrumptious skein of jeweled-purple Manos, two skeins of a lovely lavender Queensland Aran, and sweet-smelling lemon lavender votive candle. In the middle you see a copy of Vicki Howell's _New Knits on the Block_ - Jae couldn't have known it, but I already have this book, so I am donating it in her name to my local library. They will put a little plaque in the inside cover saying she donated it. Jae - thank you again - I can't wait to dig into that Manos! My package to you went off today and hopefully will be there within a couple days.

Oh - and I'm sorry there are no action shots of Willow and the boa - but after no nap this afternoon and 90 minutes in the pool this afternoon, she dropped like a leaf about 7:00pm... not even finishing her dinner! This kid is always going at full-speed, so it was a bit comical to see her with her head on her table, nearly asleep.

We'll see if my purchase comes through tomorrow - but someone at work was cleaning out her knitting book stash and sold me her copy of Alice Starmore's _Aran Knitting_ ( ) for $5...


turtlegirl76 said...

5 bucks?! Wow! How awesome is that?

Jae said...

Still trying to get my jaw off the floor. $5?!?!?

By the way, if I had known about Willow's opinion on candy I would have sent it wrapped as a can of beets or turnips or something. ;)

aija said...

Great score!!