Monday, May 21, 2007

Sneakin' in

Ever have those days where you feel you are living in a fishbowl?

Really - I am alive. Andrew's organic chemistry final is coming soon and my time on the computer has been limited to about 10 minutes a day for the last few days. I cannot wait for this class to be over - I love you, honey - but this class has made you a beast. The above picture was taken on Mother's Day at the nursery where we bought my MIL's hanging basket. I love these garden balls - I may just have to get one for my very own garden.

Speaking of gardens, here is a picture of Willow looking very blissed out in her grandfather's flower garden:

And you know I took plenty of pictures of the azaleas and rhododendrons... click on the pictures to see the full size. These were also taken on Mother's Day - I need to get back there with the camera to take more - my favourite cherry-pink-red one is blooming right now.

Aren't they beautiful? Last weekend some of the local teenagers took their prom shots in my in-laws' garden with these flowers as a backdrop.

This past weekend my friend Asami swooped in and rescued me and Willow - and spared Andrew so he could study for his final in peace. Asami, Gara, Ray, Willow, and I went into Philadelphia where we first had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. I was a little worried about Willow because she can be a little iffy around new foods - but she took the the noodle dish like a pro and was slurping with the best of them. After lunch we went to the Please Touch Museum. I had not been to one of these since I lived in Colorado and the one I remembered in Boulder was much smaller than this one. I was impressed with all the life-sized story boards they have - like from "Where The Wild Things Are":
and "Alice in Wonderland":
Willow had an absolute ball and I know she would love to go back. Thank you Asami for taking us out there! We even stopped in Chinatown on our way home to get some bubble tea (well, in my case I had bubble iced coffee), but this is something I hadn't had since we lived in Japan and it brought back some great memories - natsukashi!
And of course, there has been some knitting going on - very little, but some. Here's is Andrew's bicycle helmet liner:
He had mentioned a few weeks back (when the weather was cooler, of course!) that his head was getting cold from the vent holes in his bicycle helmet. This pattern is one of the free patterns on Royal Yarns' website and is a basic 2X2 ribbed hat. I made the length about an inch longer than it said before decreasing because it just looked too short, and I am glad I did. The yarn is Riata I bought at Stitches East last fall - and I easily have enough left over for another hat - it was really nice to work with - definitely has some weight to it without being bulky - probably the silk in it.
Some other things - Nell - I am still working on the meme. Bengel - you are so sweet - thank you for the compliment.


Zonda said...

I love those garden balls too! Willow is so pretty! Such a beautiful garden! I've never seen Rhoderdendrons in other colors before!

That museum is really neat, looks like a lot of fun!

Nell said...

No worries about memes! It looks like you have been plenty busy.

Gorgeous flowers!

Bezzie said...

That liner is snazzy on it's own w/out the helmet on top too.

I love that pic in the garden ball--very cool!

And I was once an o-chem widow myself too, I feel your pain ;-)

Batty said...

That liner is definitely wearable all by itself!

Those flowers are gorgeous. And that garden ball picture is very pretty. She manages to look cute in something that would make everyone else look misshapen. Now that's the measure of true cuteness.