Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wilmington Flower Market

I am a cruel woman. Yes, you have heard me say this before, but here is utter proof:

The above picture was taken from a ferris wheel! My husband hates ferris wheels, yet every year he climbs into one of those 'baskets o'doom' so I can look out among the festivities at the Wilmington Flower Market - this even after how I told him once how my sister Jaime and I once got stuck on a ferris wheel that broke and had to get manually turned around so the people could get let off. Isn't it a nice picture, though? It was a hot and sunny day and there were more people there than I have ever seen before.

We went to the Wilmington Flower Market with our friends Asami and Ray:

No - he isn't choking - he really likes his strawberries. Willow wants to play with Ray so bad - he is still a little shy right now each time he meets her, but end up warming up to her to the point of them wrestling. She has 3 years on him, so I think she is afraid of hurting him sometimes, but he is a very energetic boy.

Oh yeah - back to me being cruel:

That was a very squished Andrew (see his knees?) and consequently even more squished Willow on the Orient Express roller coaster. In my defense, I did offer to take Andrew's place on this ride, but he declined. He said if he couldn't fit in there then surely I couldn't... but you know, he is over a foot taller than me. I think just perhaps I could have fit in...

The day ended with Willow's usual fair activity - riding the ponies. The last few years she has ridden a pony named Friendly, but he was out of rotation resting when we arrived, so she ended up riding on one of Friendly's stablemates - Doodlebug. Who names these ponies?!?!

The flower market is called such because there is an abundance of seedlings and full-grown plants available for people to buy as a fundraiser, and we left with a yellow tomato seedling to plant in out backyard.


I was in Orlando, Florida the last few days on a business trip and while I didn't get to see the fires first hand, you could definitely smell it in the air. This is rather thick of me, but when we first landed I thought it smelled like the inside of a wood heat sauna - that cooked cedar smell. It literally took me a day to connect that smell to the the fact that there were fires nearby. I can't even blame jet lag for this because I didn't even leave my time zone!


Nell said...

I tagged you!

Batty said...

That looks like so much fun! I don't like Ferris Wheels either, but it sure looks like everyone had a great time, scary rides notwithstanding. And you always take the cutest kid pictures. I think Willow is going to be the only kid who won't be embarrassed when someone else gets to see them.