Sunday, June 17, 2007

Done With the Dreaded Capelet

It's finished!





And she loves it - of course, she thinks it is a superhero cape - but I won't disabuse her of that notion.

The particulars:

Pattern: Tuneful 'Rap by Scarlet Taylor (Creative Knitting Magazine July 2005)
Yarn: 4.25 skeins Paton Astra
Needles: Size 7 and 8s in Knitpicks Options


Thank you for all your well-wishes on the biopsy. It was a quick procedure - maybe 15 minutes total. I had to write 'yes' on the breast to be cut in Sharpie pen - who knows when that will wash away, so for now it looks like I have a very ill-inked in tattoo. I didn't get to see the needle the surgeon used because they had towels rolled up under my left shoulder and side to prop me up sideways on a 45 degree angle. The surgeon numbed my breast with a local and said I shouldn't feel a thing. Well, I didn't feel the needle go in, but I SURE AS HELL felt it rooting around inside me! I gasped out loud and the surgeon said, "Can you feel that?" Me (gasping): "Yes!" Her: "Is it tolerable?" Me: "Um, it's okay..." So, she had to go in 4 more times to get more vials of tissue for the biopsy. Then they put surgical tape over the incision, put an icepack in my bra, and off I went. It was sore at the hospital, but didn't start to hurt until the drive home when the local wore off. A few extra-strength Tylenol and some judicially self-prescribed chocolate later, I was okay. Sleeping has been a bit tetchy - I tend to sleep on my front or my left side, both of which are awkward at the moment.


Bezzie said...

Oof. That sounds delightful--not!

Love those pictures of Willow modeling her cape! She's such a pretty girl.

I love those buttons too.

Nell said...

Willow looks so adorable in her cape. She loves it a lot, the pictures don't lie.

That's my worst fear as a future health care provider- hurting someone. No fun for anyone. But at least it's over and you can focus on healing. Although, if my sleep was disturbed, I might not be so positive.

Zonda said...

Willow looks so cute in her cape! Great job on that!

Yeah..we have to "mark" patients now..hoping it washes off for you soon! Hope you heal fast too!

Batty said...

Very cute cape!

Hope the boobies stop hurting soon! When I had my wisdom teeth out, my dad (dentist/dental surgeon type) told me to start popping those extra strength pain pills before the local wears off. Excellent advice! That way, there's no clenching of teeth while waiting for the stuff to kick in.

Good luck with the sharpie pen. You'd think they'd find something that washes off more easily...

Violiknit said...

I love that cape; Willow is too cute! I hope you feel better soon!