Sunday, June 10, 2007

Great Movie to Knit By

Andrew laughs at the fact that I knit while watching movies - you know that right away foreign films are out. I have a better than passing knowledge of Japanese and French, but that still wouldn't get me through a movie without having to constantly check the subtitles and potentially mess up on the knitting. Last night we watched The Departed on DVD and it was a wonderful movie to watch while knitting. Granted, we turned the subtitles on anyway - I don't know whether it was my Canadian upbringing, but the Boston accent is a little difficult for me to wrap my head around sometimes. In any case, it was a great movie - fast paced, great characters - and had me entranced whilst knitting. I think I even put the knitting down from time to time to follow what was happening... and I don't normally like cop/mob movies. So - can anyone else give me some suggestions of movies you like to knit to?

I received my Ravelry invitation this morning and set up my profile... I foresee this being a big distraction for me... but in an oh-so-good way!


Nell said...

YAY! Welcome to ravelry! Be careful, it's a huge time suck but in a good way.

I loved The Departed. So good. Have you seen Pan's Labryinth? Also excellent.

Batty said...

Haven't seen either yet, thanks for the tip. Time to watch movies and knit, it's too warm for anything else!