Monday, June 18, 2007

No, Still There

Yesterday a few people, whilst admiring Willow's new superhero cape, expressed dismay that she was starting to grow out of her curls. Let me assure you that it is simply not so:

Forgive the expression - it was the best shot out of about seven. I really do so much better when she doesn't look at the camera! The reason her hair looked straighter in the previous post's photos is because we have been braiding her hair before she goes to bed to help with the screaming the next morning when I try to brush the snarls out.

My new camera has a nifty video with voice feature and I have taken a few cut pictures of Willow telling me stories. I looked into the Google Video tonight to see if that was an option for posting it into my blog and the T&C were much too complicated. Does anyone use any of these video sites to upload their own videos? If so, please tell me which one you like best.


Elizabeth said...

I have used and I had no problems downloading my videos from my camera. Try it, you might like it too. Cute picture of Willow with all those curls!

Batty said...

Cute curls! I can only imagine how tangled they get in the morning. My hair is bone straight and it still gets horrific snarls at the base of my skull. Who'd have thought straight hair could frizz?

Bezzie said...

I use good old YouTube. But if you make the video "public" to your blog readers yeah than any Tom Dick or Harry can see it. Sometimes that's kind of creepy.

I'm shuddering at the snarls too. I have straight hair and remember my mom wrestling with the "snarl brush" each morning. I can't imagine what it's like for hair as curly as Willow's!