Saturday, June 02, 2007

Thinking Positively for the Weekend

Everyone, thank you for all your well-wishes. I have an appointment with a surgeon on Wednesday, so we will see what happens then. Between now and then, however, I need to keep myself occupied. I did knit quite a bit last night with one of Nell's mojitos - well, not with the mojito itself - that would have been messy - but it was my companion while I knit. I have been working on a capelet for Willow and it just may be the most tedious thing I have ever knit. Luckily for me, all that there is left is about 2 more inches on the body and then the button bands. I have received plenty of beautiful sock yarn in blog contests recently and I really want to dig into them.

For your viewing pleasure, may I present some more flowers from my father-in-law's garden?

Pink Rhododendron

Pale Pink Rhododendron

Mountain Laurel

Striped Azalea

Pink Rhododendron

White and Gold Rhododendron

And just for the hell of it, Cranky Willow:

Pouty Willow

Remember, you can click on the photos to see larger sizes and more detail. I wouldn't advise it of the last picture, though - your monitor might crack.


Bezzie said...

Ooo...she's going to make a great parent someday. I've been working five years on "the look." She's got it down pat.

Hooray for Wednesday--the less waiting the less rampant imagining you know?

Nell said...

Pretty, pretty flowers!

And Willow looks like she's 2 seconds from bursting into hysterical laughter. Too cute.

Batty said...

With that look, Willow can be anything she wants! "Vote for me, or else" might actually work -- and she still manages to be adorable in spite of it.

Have some more mojitos and knit something fun when you're done with the capelet. And yay for not having to wait for weeks and weeks!

Zonda said...

Beautiful flowers! Willow is still cute, angry face or not!

Will be thinking of you on Wednesday! So glad you don't have to wait too long...although I'm sure to you it's been long enough! Take care!

Shan said...

Willow is really a beautiful girl, petulant & cross or not!

Thinking of you for your biopsy. Good luck...