Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Singing In the Rain

Okay, I am not known for my melodious voice, so let's skip the singing part... I caught the weather report this morning and it looks like it my rain on and off for the remainder of my vacation. Truly, I don't mind. Willow might go a little stir crazy and demand to play down at the lake in the rain anyway, but that's okay, too.

I didn't take my Mom's camera with me when we went out walking yesterday, but here is a pic of what the area looks like. We are quite isolated here and I am so enjoying the slow pace. Life and work were rather hectic before we left for vacation and I have a sneaky feeling that my head may have exploded if I had continued much longer.

Knitting has been happening - I will have a picture up for WiP It Wednesday tomorrow. I am working on a baby sweater right now - and I hope to finish it while I am here. There are a couple of good knitting stores are on the Island that I will be frequenting in the next few days. I am excited about seeing Beehive Wool Shop because I hear it is just huge. I want to stock up on Aero needles - I love using them and have never seen them at my LYS in Delaware or Pennsylvania.

Hmmm... it is nearly 10am. Maybe I should get dressed. Oh, I love vacations!


Zonda said...

Glad you can find the Aero's! Have a great trip! :)

Bezzie said...

West coast rain is the BEST!

Jen said...

Oh... you're in Victoria now? I love Victoria in the summer time. My parents especialy love going to Butchart Gardens there - I think they've been something like 3 times which is saying a lot considering they're probably only been in the area 3 times. Anyway, enjoy the vacation!

Also, you've been tagged, so if you're feeling up to a little assignment on your vacation, please play along!