Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WiP It Wednesday

What? You thought I would forget simply because I am on vacation? Silly mortals...

I can forget for much simpler reasons than that!

Unfortunately, this WiP in destined to be frogged. It is the ribbed baby's cardigan from the new issue of Knit Simple, and I really don't like how it is working out. The ribs are doing what they are supposed to do - bunching up - but that is going to cause it to be quite cropped. It's too bad - I thought this would be a nice, simple, one piece baby pattern I could work up while away. Not so. I will have to go back to my old baby pattern standby - Daisy from Knitty.

Whenever I come up to my parents' house, there are a few foodie stock things I *have* to do, and so far I have accomplished:

1. Had Heinz Tomato Soup for lunch. This stuff makes Campbell's taste like salty crap and despite not living far from the Heinz factory in the US, I have never seen it in our grocery stores there.

2. Eaten a Coffee Crisp bar. Yes, I know there are a few select places in the US where you can buy these now (My local Dollar General, oddly enough) but it isn't the same.

3. Had Stinky Noodles for lunch. Yes, I know that isn't the real name, but that is always what we called them. And for some reasons, my local grocery stores don't carry this variety, either.

We are heading off to Victoria today, and there are a few things on my list for there... Purdy's chocolates, Rogers' Chocolates, honey buns (this I couldn't find a link for - but you buy them at an Asian bakery - it's like a steamed cake), Murchie's Tea... Yes, there is a reason why I am only having yogurt (albeit Island Farms Vanilla Plus Yogurt) for breakfast...

I've been tagged by Jen for a meme, and that will be up tomorrow!


Bezzie said...

If you're like me, you ask relatives for regional food like that for xmas! Ha ha!

Ginny said...

Hey Jo! I don't suppose you will be leaving beautiful Victoria to head up north eh? There is no snow here... honest!

Batty said...

Stinky noodles indeed! They look so good, though. Now I want noodles with sauce and chives and buckets of onions, but it's not going to happen because Mr. Batty is deathly allergic. Oh, well.