Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Book Report: Plum Lucky

Boy, I got this one in just under the wire. It's been quite the week, people -between home stuff and work stuff - I was hard-pressed to finish reading a single book. Luckily for me, Janet Evanovich's Plum Lucky was just the thing I needed.

This is one of Evanovich's 'Between-the-Numbers' books - and why is that? Well, the main character, Stephanie Plum, is the hapless heroine of a series of books with a number in the title ( One for the Money, Two for the Dough, Three to Get Deadly, etc.). This is the second between-the-numbers novel - and at 166 pages, more of a novella, but fun nonetheless. Stephanie works as a bail bond recovery agent, and trust me - nearly every catch she makes is by pure luck or happenstance. She and her lively and colourful companions (Lula the former 'ho, Grandma Mazur, a mysterious guy named Diesel) are all out to recover some money that Grandma Mazur thought was hers (finders-keepers, don't you know?) that rightfully (?) belongs to the mob.

There wasn't much romance is this novel, and I was happy that Morelli was only given passing mention and Ranger actually played a small role (oh, I am a Ranger girl all the way!). Maybe it was just the mood I was in at the beginning of the week, but for me the laughing out loud didn't happen until the last third of the book. If you like funny mystery novels, pick up this series. Once again, not great literature, but definitely something that will make you smirk, smile, laugh, and giggle.

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Anonymous said...

I love Stephanie Plum! I started reading them out of order though and still haven't gotten to them all - including this one.

Who's this Morelli you speak of though? I only remember Ranger :)