Sunday, January 27, 2008

What do you do with a craptastic day?

Buy yarn. I've had a miserable emotional morning. Enough said.

I'm getting itchy because I have not had a finished object yet in January. I have been working on Asami and Teri's respective baby blankets, and as satisfying as making baby stuff is, the monotony of it all is getting to me. Right now I would say I am 70% finished on Teri's and maybe 50% done on Asami's, so there is no real end in sight.

So, with getting some stuff for my next Knitty SP package in mind, I went for a drive out to an Asian supermarket and one of my LYS. That could be construed as a hint, but I honestly don't think my downstream SP reads my blog, so it doesn't matter. I came out of the Asian supermarket with microwaveable sushi rice, rice seasoning (furikake), and some SP goodies. I came out of the LYS with this Silk Garden beauty:

It's actually muted all the way through. Whilst rolling it into a ball I expected to find a swath of magenta or orange, but it is all blue/green/grey. This will be a hat for me.

And my all-time 'make-me-feel-better' yarn... come on, you can read the label:

Just on touch factor alone this one is a winner for me. This will probably end up being a hat, too. I love Malabrigo hats. Plus hats are super-quick and will probably alleviate my baby blanket doldrums. Oh yeah, I bought something for my SP there as well, but can't show you a picture of that!

Gratuitous Willow shot:

Why yes, she did dress heself today! And she thinks my badminton racquet is a banjo... See the carpet she is standing on? Here's a somewhat better shot:

We picked this up at IKEA yesterday (oh, how I love going to IKEA - it rivals going to yarn stores for me!) for only $14.99. Andrew picked her up a small wooden train set as well. She can't wait for Ray to come over so the two of them can go crazy on it. We also bought some new dishes and looked at some armoires. As much as we love our house, the closet space sucks.


Batty said...

Willow is cute and adorable, as always.

I like your Noro! Their new colors are truly spectacular. There are two brown/neutrals that are brown/neutral all the way through. I'm thinking of getting some and knitting my sister a sweater.

And Malabrigo... I bet you're feeling better already. So much better than hiding under a blanket!

Trillian42 said...

Wait... are Willow's eyes actually open?! ;)

I, too, worship at the altar of Ikea. It's bordering on obsessive. And friends of our have that same rug for their kid.

That's a GREAT color of Noro - I can't wait to see your hat. And that Malabrigo... oh. I'm drooling.

cpurl17 said...

Willow+Ikea+Malabrigo=the perfect trifecta of mood boosters!

Nell said...

Yarn makes everything better!

Willow looks so cute. Sure, she doesn't match. But at that age, it's charming!

Bezzie said...

Mmm...greens!!! Very nice.

Yeah Chunky's wearing a striped shirt today with a plaid shirt open over it. He came in and asked me if he looked good this morning.

LadyLungDoc said...

What colouway is that? Willow looks adorable!

Lauren said...

Awww, feel better!

Willow is one cute kid. I love it when they dress themselves, its just plain old amusing. :)

kemtee said...

I think Willow did rather well, actually. She may come pick out my clothes anytime.

The F'd O is a slightly overrated experience. Besides -- hey, new yarn!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I have to agree...Willow is absolutely adorable!

Hope those gorgeous yarns helped turn your day around a bit :)

tara said...

How cute is your girl! Love the outfit. Yes, Ikea rocks. Good thing it is a 2 hour drive for me.