Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lazy Saturday

You Are France

You are very proud of the culture you come from. You can't help but be a bit snobby.

You cherish your food, history, language, and art. You feel like other people can't match your taste.

Elegance is important to you. You rather stay with the past than love a new trend.

When in public, you look good and say the right things. Only your close friends and family know the real you.



You Are Treason

You are motivated by greed. You yearn for power and riches.

You are easily tempted, and are sometimes desperate to get what you want.

You are only loyal to yourself. You don't really have a strict code of ethics.

It's hard to admit, but you would turn on your closest friends or family members for the right price.

Really? I like to think I have a strong code of ethics.


You Are 90% Yankee, 10% Dixie

You're so Yankee, it's possible you've never even been to the South!

That 10% must be from living in the US for the last ten years...


tara said...

The first one, France, sounds like to to a "T" but the second one isnt even close. You are the most loyal person I know.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I may have to go do some of these! Fun!!

Oh, and the fall shoes, I bought them at the Nordstroms Anniversary sale this summer. But often you can find Borns online too.

Teri said...

Oh my God! My sister is France! it all makes sense now......