Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WIP It Wednesday: The Cool Pool Edition

I love it when pooling actually turns out the way you want it to:

Cool Pool Hat

I've got a few other projects on the needles right now, but some of them have to be kept secret as they are intended for someone even more secretive than me!

Andrew and Willow went out for a bike ride after work (well, more like Andrew spotted Willow while she rode her bike) and the cat had to sit at the window and wait for them to come back. He didn't take kindly to me trying to take his picture:

Lucky 1 9.24.08

"Woman, put the camera down if you know what is good for you!"

Willow riding her bike

It's a little blurry because I was taking the picture on the sly through the screen - but Willow was riding all by herself. Next step, no training wheels!


freshisle said...

Very nice pooling indeed! That's a big step with no training wheels, and pretty exciting for her!

cpurl17 said...

She's growing so fast!

Tez Miller said...

Kitteh looks sad :-(

Have a lovely day! :-)

Kaye said...

Is the needle in the pool project??? I gotta get Chunky on a bike...I'm just so lazy in going out to buy one. And they're not allowed to ride them to school...

Nell said...

Go Willow, Go!!!