Monday, September 29, 2008

*snuffle *wheeze

I'm getting there - for the most part the cold is gone; there is just some lingering congestion. I feel like my ears are popping whenever I yawn and that is a very disconcerting feeling. I made the mistake of taking a Benadryl tablet after lunch and spent most of the afternoon in a fog. An uncongested fog, but fog nonetheless.

Mom's comment problems solved themselves when she switched to Mozilla - so I am not sure what the problem was in the end, but she has worked around it.

Can I tell you how happy I am that new television shows have started again? True Blood, Heroes, Bones, and tonight, Chuck! (I have such a crush on Zachary Levi, and am a bit perturbed that I am eight years older than him!) My knitting is speeding up and my behind is slowing down... must... find... a... balance...


Beverly said...

Shane wondered why I was in such a good mood after work. Then a commercial for tonight's episode for Chuck came on. My squeals of delight answered his curiosity. I am sooooo happy the fall season has started.

Nell said...

I heart Chuck too! He's the perfect kind of guy. Dorky but adorable!