Sunday, June 28, 2009


Tara, armwarmer the first is almost done:

Tara's Armwarmers

Modelled by Tori, daughter of my friend, Michelle. Yeah, I could have modeled it, but my rounded short forelimbs wouldn't have done it justice.

The silly thing is, working on dpns, it took me forever to get the first 30 rows or so done (including the knuckle portion, the thumb opening and then rejoining into a tube), but once I switched to the two circular needles (Friday afternoon) the rest breezed by. I hope to have both finished by this coming weekend and then I will pop them in the mail.

I will leave you with some latte love:

Latte art


Bezzie said...

Love that yarn on the armwarmers!

Ha ha, I tried to make a creamer heart for hubby in his coffee yesterday and failed miserably!

tara said...

My arms are chilly. You had better believe that i am wearing them in this 90' weather. They are going to go great with my bike.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Those are going to be just perfect!! Love the color too!

And yay for tomatoes in your last post! That's just awesome!