Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July Jamboree

Half way through the year. Did anyone think of that today? That 2009 is half over? Blows my mind.

I'm finding it hard to stay on a schedule right now. Andrew has a new job, Willow is in summer camp, I seem to be working all sorts of hours (and as assinine as it might seem to some, usually because I really like what I was doing and didn't want to stop). My house is in shambles now that my kept man is no longer kept. One of Willow's playmates and her mother stopped by while I was exercising tonight and my first thought when Andrew told me this was, "Ugh... did they see inside the house?" And I just get this feeling that the month is going to fly by.

I've decided to chart my exercise for July - see the July Jamboree section to the right? Exercise, to me at the moment, oddly slows me down. Not physically - obviously I am there to work muscles and bring up my heart rate - but it slows my head down. I stop thinking a million miles a minute about what I need to do next and sometimes more pressingly, all the things I didn't do (ahem - laundry on the loveseat that was folded two nights ago). I am striving for 30 minutes a day, and to not do the exact same exercise two days in a row (and trust me, the latter will be more difficult - I am definitely a creature of habit).

Now, as for the messy house... it's a good thing I have a long weekend ahead of me.


Bezzie said...

Dude, if I could mount a treadmill in the shower. I would probably be able to cure cancer. I get my best thinking done on my walks and in the shower. Two of the only times a day where I'm blissfully ALONE!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jo, Happy Dominion Day. Hope you were flying the mapke leaf. No body comes to your house to see how tidy or not tidy it is. They come becoouse they love you and yours!!! Wish I was there!!! Love Auntie

Anonymous said...

Becoouse....Because. You don't love me for how smart I am... Thank God.

Discoknits said...

Jo, happy Canada day for yesterday!

Good luck with the exercise. Don't worry about the house, people are less concerned with that than you'd think.

Teri said...

And I thought knitting was the one thing that slows the mind (too busy counting to bother with real thoughts!).

Perhaps I'll have to try the exercise thing.... (especially considering Bezzie's comments...)