Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Finished Objects

I made a few things for Christmas for my knitting friends this year, and I had to wait until after Christmas to show them. I have been meeting with these ladies for close to four years, and they are some of my dearest friends. I wanted to make them something, but knitting seemed out of the question since we are all knitters.

Hmm. Maybe I should preface these photos with the comment that my Mom, mother-in-law, aunt, and grandmother are prolific sewers - and most of them have fabric stashes that put my sizable wool stash to shame. And my longest-standingf friend Tara loves to tell people tell people that she took a steep dislike to me when we first met in Grade 8 Home Ec because I took the easy way out with a sewing assignment.

I have probably touched a sewing machine less times that you can count on one hand since that Home Ec class finished - but as I mentioned above, I wanted to make something for my friends. I went to Etsy to get some ideas of handmade things for knitters, and decided I would try to make them project bags. I found a pattern at my local quilting store literally titled "The Easiest Accessory Bag Ever" - so easy in fact, you didn't have to trace out the pattern - only cut out rectangles from fat quarters.

My MIL, Debby, gave me a quick re-tutorial of her sewing machine, and after the two of us puzzled through the first one, she left me on my own to finish the last three.

Michelle's Project Bag - chosen because I always associate her with having a tea or coffee with her.


Denise's Project Bag - chosen because she is such a dog lover, and between her and her three daughters, I think they have 9 dogs.


Patti's Project Bag - chosen because she is such a dramatic, forthright person, and I thought she would love the contrast between the black and pink.


Kathy's Project Bag - this one was a little tougher. Kathy is a bit like me, we have very similar clothing styles with Lands End Mocs and fleece - very casual - but it is Kathy alone among us who has picked the most feminine and flirty yarn to work with, so I picked this swirly purple fabric.


All finished, the bags are about 7X9", and have drawstring enclosures and handles - perfect for socks or other small projects. I was pleased as punch at how they turned out, and have already bought the fabric to make one of my own.


Zonda said...

Great job on the bags! Love all the different fabrics and how you matched them up to the person :)

Mom said...

Very good Jo!! I am proud of you!!!Love & Hugs

Batty said...

Wow, those project bags are awesome! That personal touch makes them extra special.

Denise said...

As the recipient of the 'woof' bag, I was blown away by the personal touch, it's adorable. My girls gave it many 'awwws'.

Bezzie said...

Rock on!!! So when do you get your own sewing machine ;-)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Those are awesome!! And so thoughtful!!

kemtee said...

Well done, Jo! Isn't it nice when a plan comes together?

tara said...

Great job. Yes, your pj pattern had 2 pieces (front and back) and mine had 9. Maybe I was mad because I didnt think of it first.
More sewing in your future?

Mel R said...

those are cute!