Friday, December 11, 2009

A New Addition



I don't have a name yet - my new family can't decide what to call me. The people at the farm called me Jessie, but my new family wants to give me an Australian name since I am an Australian Sheepdog.


I like this place - I've got a girl to play with. She has these long pieces of hair I love to jump up and grab -


- but she tends to yelp when I do it!


I have new toys to play with,


new laps to sleep in -


and a new Daddy who already loves me terribly.


It's a sweet life!


Trillian42 said...


OMG, what a cutiepie!

Teri said...

Holy Cuteness, Batman!

mom said...

and when do you get to babysit????
Love & Hugs

IrishgirlieKnits said...

PUPPY!!!! Squeee!! Too cute!

Kaye said...

So darn cute!!!

Is his tail docked? I have fond memories of docking Australian Shepherd puppy tails in high school biology class (my teacher was a practicing vet...). We each got one puppy to cuddle while she did it!

kemtee said...

ooooo izzumz itty wittle boo-eye fuzzyman!


handsome dog, that.

tara said...

Those are a great breed. Very cute.

Zonda said...

so cute!

Shan said...

Aw, so cute! He'll get BIG! (My friend has an Aussie Shepherd.)


turtlegirl76 said...

Such a little cutie!

Suna said...

Preciousness! What a beautiful pup. Be prepared to be busy for a while, though. Smart animals can get in a lot of mischief! I wish you many years of happiness, like you had with his predecessor!

Elizabeth said...

Jo, Mattie is beautiful. She will be so much fun. Love the blue and green eyes. Her coat looks so soft and petable ;) I'm sure Willow is the love of her life and vice versa!!!!!!