Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thursday's Argument

Willow and I were driving home today, listening to the local Christmas music station. "Do They Know It's Christmas" came on, and the conversation went something like this:

Jo: Oh, I love this song - it came out when I was a few years older than you. (cue to me singing)

Willow: (Suspiciously) The beginning of this song doesn't sound like a Christmas song.

Jo: Well, it's a serious song. It's about people starving in Africa.

Willow: (Affronted) Christmas songs aren't about starving people!

Jo: It's a charity song. There was a famine in Africa. A famine is when the crops don't grow and there is no food. A man named Bob Geldof wrote it and lots of famous singers got together to sing on it and it raised money to help the people.

Willow: I still don't think it is Christmas-y.


It's funny - I started thinking of the video in my head, and thought to myself that the only person that Willow may recognize - maybe - from that group would be Bono - and maybe only when he started singing.


kemtee said...

I'm with Willow. I never it thought it was Christmassy, either.

However, I'm all about the '80s flashbacks, so I still sing along and have my Duran Duran happy moments.

Penny Karma said...

I love to sing the Boy George part: "and in our woooooorld of plenteeeeee..."

Anonymous said...

Not even Micheal Jackson? Jaime

Bezzie said...

Smart girl! I gotta say I'm with her on this one!