Monday, February 08, 2010

Apparently Between Blizzards


Lamp outside my in-laws' garage


Icicles on a house in our neighbourhood

Willow had no school today, will have no school tomorrow - and at this point, I'm willing to bet no school come Wednesday or Thursday now due to the next impending blizzard. I never thought I would be saying 'next blizzard' here in Delaware, and certainly not less than a week after the first one!  We have 27" of snow on the ground right now, and the different meteorologists in the area are predicting anywhere from 8 - 20" with the next storm - and we only need a little over 9" to break the all-time snow record for this area.

Okay, I'm ready for it to be spring after this next storm.


kingshearte said...

Oy. Hope your stash is good and healthy, cuz it looks like you're not going anywhere for a while.

Except out for walks, I hope, in the trippy, surreal post-blizzard atmosphere once it's over. Those are fun.

freshisle said...

Wow. So much for the Great White North. We haven't had snow in ages and there's not much on the ground. Our kids have given up hoping for snow days!

kemtee said...

S'posed to be just rain down here, but lots of it. House may float away if this keeps up.

disa said...