Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Trip Back Home From The Great White North: Day 5

This is a short but sweet one. I didn't spend much time in Ottawa on my fifth day because we had to be at the airport at 7am to get Teri on her flight back to Whitehorse. We did have an interesting taxi ride back to the airport - drove along the Rideau Canal for a long bit and I was amused to see zambonis on the ice - I hadn't even thought about how they kept it clean!

My flight home was very uneventful - and terribly short. I mentioned on my way up the flight took about 90 minutes. Well, we are on the tarmac and the the stewardess is doing her safety protocol and she said something about it being an hour to Philadelphia. I thought she was just mixed up. A few minutes later when we are in the air, the pilot comes on, gives us out cruising altitude, etc. - then tells us we will be in Philadelphia in 55 minutes. I can deal with flights like that!

I was so happy to see Andrew and Willow again - I missed them so much. I even had a treat for Willow:


She had asked for them before I left, and Andrew had told her, "Mommy can't bring timbits home on the plane" because we were still thinking that Transport Canada was holding to the draconian no-carry on luggage rule. Well, they dropped that while I was in Ottawa, so I was able to buy the timbits and bring them home with me. It was funny - I told the Tim Hortons cashier that they were for my daughter, so she stapled the box shut, then wrapped it up in a plastic bag and taped that shut as well... I guess she really didn't want me sneaking any during my flight!

The only other things that Willow had asked for was a t-shirt and a stuffed animal. The T-shirt was easy enough - but I like getting her unusual stuffed animals - and in one of the tourist-y shops in the Byward Market we found some Olympic mascots at half off. They only had Miga (the black and white one) and Sumi (the one in the green outfit) left - and she already had a Miga from our trip to Vancouver Island in the summer - so Sumi it was. I wished I could have bought more of them so she could have a complete set, but they aren't selling them down here.


Willow and her mascots

Teri - I had a wonderful time with you in Ottawa - thank you so much for inviting me. And if you ever have another one of these conferences to attend, please let me know - I'm game!


The red icon in the Day 3 post? It is the symbol for the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Bezzie guessed correctly, so I need to think of a good prize to send to her.


Teri said...

Hey Joey - I had a great time with you too! I'm so glad that it all worked out for us :) Since it was way back in 1995-ish that we were last together sans family (in Japan!!), I think we were definitely due for this trip!

Thanks Sis!

Bezzie said...

Yeah I was watching the weather forecast last night and thinking that couldn't have been a long flight for you!

Ha ha! I cheated and looked the logo up! And I realized yesterday going through junk mail at work, it looks vaguely like the Thomson Reuters logo (or vice versa). Hmm, interesting!

Megan said...

It looked like you had a great time on your trip! (Hi Teri!!!)

I'm so jealous of Willow's Olympic mascot dolls! They hadn't gone on sale by the time I left :-( (I scoured Zellers & The Bay the whole time I was in Victoria!).