Saturday, February 06, 2010

Blizzard Update: 6:30pm

The snow stopped falling around 3:30pm, and all the neighbours headed outside to plow, blow or dig out their driveways. Andrew started at the back sunroom door and moved his way forward - knowing he would have to get through snow this deep:


And then get through the snow drifts that had climbed up our sunroom door:


This is what the hood of my car looked like after Andrew had cleared off some of the snow:


Willow wanted in on the clean up action, too - but I think it was more just playing with the broom, because I can't say a whole lot of snow was moved on her shift!


This was the drift that connected our two cars:


Willow and I played in the snow - at first she was trying to stay dry, but that quickly went along the wayside and she wanted me to throw her into the snowdrifts:


The driveway and sidewalk cleaner - and to give you a clue as to how much snow we had, Andrew is 6'1", and he is wearing work boots that probably bump him up another inch:


I say there was at least 27" - because my inseam is 27", and when I was in the snow, I was up to my parts that don't like to be cold!


Zonda said...

Holy cow!! Stay warm and knit away, doesn't look like you are going anywhere soon :(

kemtee said...

That's some serious white stuff. Reminds me of the last Christmas I spent in New York!

Natalie said...

Poor *parts.*

IrishgirlieKnits said...

So much snow!! Just amazing!! Love the pics of Willow! She is too cute for words!