Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bezzie, want to come over and play?

I was going to say that the following picture was the first thing I saw when I looked outside this morning at 6:30am... but that's not true. Our upstairs window is completely snowed in due to the winds, so the first thing I saw was a wall of snow.

Here's our cars in the snow:

Blizzard 2/6/10 D

The drifts are on the other side, so you don't see much here.

The mountain on top of my mailbox:

Blizzard 2/6/10 C

I don't think the mail is getting delivered today...

Our backyard:

Blizzard 2/6/10 B

The reason the photo looks so blurry is that the winds are whipping around and I couldn't get a clear shot.

My hanging cucumber pot:

Blizzard 2/6/10 A

I think it is kind of funny that Nell in California is planting all the seeds for her garden to be and we are getting buried in snow! And the Vancouver Olympics will be starting very soon and they have no snow at all! I was supposed to go to my friend Lauren's baby shower today, but it has been postponed to next week - but Willow is still due to go to a birthday party today... but, seeing as Governor Markell has declared a state of emergency and no cars are allowed on the roads, I don't think Jeremiah's birthday party is happening today.


Bezzie said...

We got NOTHING. What a difference, what, 100 miles makes.

mom said...

and here on the West Coast we have sun & March temperatures....