Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Story Of How I Came to Accidentally Eat Three Breakfasts

For the record, I have only gained 11 pound so far this pregnancy. At my OB appt earlier this week, the nurse told me I had managed to lose 5 pounds since my last appt a month ago. Almost 6 months along and I still have people saying, "Wow! You're pregnant?!"

Anyway. This is the story of how I accidentally ate three breakfasts yesterday.

Normally I don't eat breakfast at home. We're always so busy trying to get ourselves and Willow ready that all I normally manage is coffee at home, and then have breakfast at work. Yesterday, however, Andrew decided to make breakfast quesadillas - and since Willow was not ready when her quesadilla was ready, he told me to eat hers, and he would make her another one when she came down. That was breakfast #1.

I arrived at work, knowing full well that we had a 9am breakfast meeting with bagels from Einstein Brothers, somehow conveniently forgetting I had eaten a quesadilla 45 minutes before. However, by 8:15am I was starving - stomach growling and everything. So, my friend Gail and I went to our newly renovated work cafeteria, and I had them make me an omelet. I only ate about 2/3 of it - I still remembered the breakfast meeting. That was breakfast #2.

We go up to our meeting, and I have half a sesame bagel with crushed almond cream cheese (seriously delicious - normally I go for savoury cream cheeses, but this was almost like icing). The bagel was so yummy and chewy - I seriously thought about having the second half, but then someone else snagged it. That was breakfast #3.

Lunch time rolls around a few hours later, and I can't figure out why I am unenthused. I have a salad with chicken on top, some steamed sesame peas, and an pumpkin muffin. I pick at most of it, and throw the rest away. It wasn't until about 3pm that afternoon that I remembered Andrew feeding me the quesadilla and was struck silly by the fact that I had managed to accidentally eat three breakfasts.

I'm blaming pregnancy brain. Yeah... that's it.


Odie Langley said...

Well Jo most of us would probably say wish it was me. I can eat breakfast all the time and even though I try to limit the amount I consume in the morning I am always open for another item. Hope you have a marvelous day.

tara said...

I am on day 4 of a detox diet. All of that sounds really good.
I am really digging the 3 breakfasts. I saw an eggo commercial and if we had some I would have eaten them all I'm sure.

mom said...

uhm-m-m-m today is the 16th....we're going into withdrawal....
Love & Hugs