Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Resuscitated Finished Object (And Photoshoot!)

Oh my. This is how today's photoshoot started:


Willow got upset because the sun was in her eyes, and I told her to close them because I was trying to take a picture of the sweater, not necessarily *her* and that just set the whole emotional ball rolling...

Thank goodness for second takes. We went to the farm later in the afternoon to pick up our CSA shares, and Willow conceded to having her picture take again.


This sweater was actually finished back in July, but it was just too damn hot to have her wear it to take pictures. And I am a little embarrassed to say that I started the sweater back in 2007 - the summer before she began Kindergarten. Then about 4 weeks before school started we received a notice saying there was a dress code, and two-toned striped sweaters were definitely not allowed. So, the sweater languished in the UFO box until I started to worry that it would be too small for her by the time I actually got around to finishing it.


Apparently I didn't need to worry about that. She would have swam in this had I finished it back in 2007.


I don't care for the clasp I put in the front (hence the little knitting pin holding the sweater closed), but I will find some way to fix that.

Willow pretending to be pensive.

All's well that ends well - this was the last shot taken at the farm (with our jack'o'lantern to be):


The Particulars:
Pattern: Polkadot by Berroco
Needles: Size 7 Knitpicks circulars
Yarn: TLC Amore Multi

Would I make this pattern again? Not for Willow. It was an easy enough pattern, but she is like me in that she has no shoulders, so the sweater doesn't hang right without being held together in the front. Willow likes it, though - even if she thinks of it more like a bathrobe than a sweater!


Discoknits said...

Very cool sweater.

Kaye said...

Hee hee! Love that expression in the first shot!
I think these circle sweaters are in. One of the fashion forward attys I work for was wearing one the other day. See? Aren't you glad you waited to finish it? :-)

Wollgut said...

Great photo shoot!