Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Tree Is Up!

Our tree is up!


Willow and I started decorating last night, but we came to the conclusion that we couldn't put up the glass ornaments. Between the over-inquisitive toddler and cat, they wouldn't even make it to Christmas. However, without all my pretty glass ornaments, the tree was quite bare. We were in Michaels' last night, and picked up a container of 50 shatterproof balls - so we finished our decorating this morning.


Piper and Willow worked very well together to put up the new ornaments.


The two troublemakers - you can see all the balls clustered on the bottom - that was Piper's contribution.


Two seconds later the cat snagged one of the balls, and Piper scooped it up and gave it back to me. She looks so innocent, doesn't she?!?!


This one? Not so innocent. Kept looking for low-hanging fruit and made decorating a much longer process than intended.


My new ornament - normally I don't like ornaments with dates on it, but he's a penguin! And he has knitting needles and a ball of yarn!


One of my favorite ornaments - I know it is a cheapo disco ball, but the little mirrors reflect light really well and look so pretty at night.


Willow and the tree. Piper was supposed to be in this pic as well, but she decided she had better things to do (pulling out all of the hurricane lamps - sigh...).


kingshearte said...

If your cat's a climber, this will make no difference, but it was always the SOP at our house (even the one year I didn't have a cat around) to make sure that the only things hung lower on the tree were the non-breakable ones, and the more fragile ones went higher up. That always seemed to work out well, but we've also been fortunate enough never to have tree-climbing cats.

Regardless, your tree looks great!

Mel said...

Looks great! B has some of those disco ball ornaments on the little tree in her bedroom, they are among her faves. It's funny because I LOVE ornaments with dates on them, helps me remember when we got them and sets off memories as we put them on the tree, and others that don't have dates, I write the year on the bottom or back of them. Maybe I'm just a tad OCD, not sure. LOL