Thursday, June 23, 2005

Courtesy of Auntie Teri

Summer Outfit de Tante Teri Posted by Hello

This picture is for my sister, Teri - who gave Willow this outfit while she was visiting us but didn't get to see Willow wearing it. You'll have to excuse the morning hair... the mad scuffle to get her to sit in a chair so I can brush her curls into pigtails hadn't happened yet. God help me, Mom - I actually told her, "It hurts to be beautiful." For those of you not in my family, that is what my Mom used to tell me when she used to brush my once nearly waist-length very curly hair.

I found a pattern for a sweater that I would like to make Andrew - it's from the Green Mountain Spinnery book and it is cabled! Okay - cheater cables - they are only on the front and only mid chest and higher... now I am trying to decide what yarn to use. Andrew likes throwing everything into the wash willy-nilly, so I think something like Plymouth's Encore, while not the nicest stuff around, may be the smartest and safest choice. He picked Blue Bonnet blue and Tomato red as colours he liked. I think I am going to have to make an executive decision here 'cause I don't want to be looking at those colours for weeks on end as I knit through the sweater. It's too bad - I was really looking forward to placing another order to Knitpicks...


suz said...

Tante Teri!!
I have a Tante Ashley!!

How did you guys happen to have a Tante in the family? Is she really German? Did she marry a German? OOH, the possibilities!

Jo said...

French, actually :) And the closest we come to that is a French-Canadian great-grandmother. I was just looking for a novel caption for the photo.

Anonymous said...

I love cable knit sweaters!!! NOt that I get to wear them much here in Florida. I just had to toss one that I hads for YEARS! It was full of holes and had to go, but I LOVED it! I like WIllows bed-head :o)


mom said...

I remember those days!